High Rise Buildings

Jan 20, 2019

Although no high rise buildings are currently proposed for BS8, CHIS is extremely concerned that the policy of the Mayor appears to be to promote and encourage such buildings as one way of solving Bristol's housing needs. One such proposal has been put forward as part of the Bedminster Green masterplan. Writing in the January 2019 issue of the South Bristol Voice the former Mayor, George Ferguson, points out just how misguided such an approach is. Not only does it reveal a basic misunderstanding that the need for high density development necessarily implies residential tower blocks, it crassly ignores the lessons which should have been learned from the results of 1960s developments of tall blocks of flats in areas including Kingsdown, Easton and the post-war housing estates. As a Bristol councillor in the 1970s, he points out, much of his work involved dealing with the social problems these developments caused. He also points out that what the city actually needs are planning policies designed to encourage and facilitate new building such as can be seen on Wapping Wharf which "produces good community around intimate streets and spaces". Members of CHIS and other residents are encouraged to support the Bristol Campaign Against Tower Blocks whose website can be found at http://bristolagainsthighrises.com/

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