Improvements to CHIS Planning Map

Sep 27, 2016

Recently we made some changes to the Planning Map on the CHIS website, which we hope make it more useful.

The Planning Map by default shows the last 6 weeks of Planning Applications. This makes the Map less crowded and, we hope, more useful in that all of them are fairly recent.

You can also select a particular week. For the current week, select “this week”. For last week, select “Week -1”; for the week before last, select “Week -2”, and so on.

If you want to see all Applications since February 2016 (when we launched the map) you can still do this by selecting “All”. This option works best when zoomed in to a small area.

If you are not interested in Planning Applications about trees, they can be hidden using the Trees checkbox.

We also fixed a bug such that new Planning Applications were not being added correctly.

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