Streetscape is the term which describes all that is seen in a street in addition to buildings. Whereas attention is often paid to preserving buildings, especially in Conservation Areas, the streetscape can become overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter and poor workmanship.

We recommend the document Clifton & Hotwells Character Appraisal (PDF) for an excellent survey of the many things that make the streets of BS8 so attractive. Section 7.2 shows the more domestic features: boot scrapers, door knockers, balconies, doors etc. Section 7.3 describes the different street surfaces, street lighting, the coal holes and street furniture. There are good illustrations and brief factual descriptions. This was the work of two members of the CHIS committee for Bristol City Council.

We have divided Streetscape into two parts. This page covers public streetscape which is the responsibility of Bristol City Council. On the right column of most Council web pages is a section called ‘Related Documents’. This has the full, up-to-date information and legislation.

Under our Living in a Conservation Area section are streetscape matters such as satellite dishes, chimneys etc. which are the responsibility of the owner of the property.

Lighting and lamp posts

CHIS is active in the preservation of historic lamp posts and ensures that if one is damaged it is replaced or repaired in an appropriate manner. If you see a damaged lamp post, please report it to a member of the CHIS committee.

To report faulty street lighting contact BCC: Problem with a street light or telephone 922 2100. Press option 3 for highways then option 2 for street lighting.

Advertising boards

CHIS keeps a watchful eye to make sure that these do not cause an illegal obstruction of the pavement. Where pavements are narrow there should be no A-boards. For further information please refer to BCC: A-board guidelines.

Tables and Chairs on the pavement

Cafés and restaurants are required to obtain planning consent to place tables and chairs on public pavements. A clear pedestrian route of at least 1.8m. should always be maintained. CHIS monitors this. Please report any concerns to a member of the CHIS committee.

Paving and pavements

Dangerous pavements should be reported. There is a procedure for doing this which can be found at: BCC: Report a pothole, damaged road or footpath. If you are concerned about inappropriate replacement of traditional materials, please contact a member of the CHIS committee.

Shop signage

Any permanent alteration to shop fronts and signage such as interior-lit fascia boards or projecting signs has to go through the planning process and the CHIS Planning Group looks at these.

Non-permanent signs

CHIS also keeps a watchful eye over plastic banners, lamp post flags, agents boards, advertisements on vehicles etc. and works with local councillors to keep these to a minimum and within the size limit.

Other matters

For other matters concerned with streets, for example fly-tipping, dog mess, graffiti, a street that needs cleaning, choose the relevant option at BCC: Report a street issue or use the popular service FixMyStreet.

CHIS’s contributions

CHIS has contributed to the streetscape of BS8 by giving:

CHIS Archive: Streetscape