Jul 1, 2023

STOP PRESS. GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS. The decision by THAT group to abandon their development of the WHS site in Clifton Down Road on account of escalating construction costs has been greeted with delight by CHIS and many residents: good riddance to such an obnoxious building. However, our two councillors expressed sadness at this decision and intend to work with THAT on an alternative scheme; they will need to take a long spoon. Despite objections by 400 residents and the six-year campaign by CHIS against the THAT proposal the councillors supported it. To expect anything better from that source is preposterous. Instead, there should be energetic exploration of a number of attractive proposals offered by us and others who act on the principle of respecting Clifton aesthetically and for its practical and social needs. We beg the councillors to meet with us and those who have positive ideas so that we may all work to the improvement of this crucial spot. Brian Worthington.

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