Plans in the light of the Zoo decision of April 26

May 4, 2023


As you will know from reports in the media, Bristol City Council’s Development Control Committee A voted on April 26th by a 6-3 majority to grant planning permission (subject to conditions) for the Zoo’s housing development proposals for their main site. There are now two cooperating organisations who will be doing all in their power to ensure this development does not happen: CHIS and Save Bristol Zoo Gardens (SBZ).

Bristol City Council is now obliged to give the Secretary of State (Michael Gove) the opportunity to call in the Application. He must do this within 21 days, However, if he needs more time to consider, he can also order BCC to delay the process of agreeing the conditions and formally confirming that the Application has been determined. CHIS and SBZ have both written to the Secretary of State urging the importance of calling in the Application. If he does so, the matter will be taken out of the Council's hands.

If the Secretary of State decides not to call in the Application, then CHIS together with SBZ will look to apply for a Judicial Review (JR). We think there are reasonable grounds for this. The time limit for lodging a JR application is 6 weeks after the formal granting of permission.

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