Response to the Application by Bristol Zoo to re-develop their main site for housing

Jun 27, 2022

CHIS strongly opposes these depressingly unimaginative and potentially destructive proposals which are entirely unacceptable in their current form.

The scheme includes half a mile of modern blocks of Flats several storeys high adjacent to all the Zoo boundaries which will dominate and overpower the neighbouring streets. This is especially the case along the west perimeter which would face the monolithic block proposed for the West Car Park site, permanently altering the feel, landscape, treescape, and skyscape of the Conservation Area. The scheme takes little, if any, account of the heritage, character and sense of space that makes this historic neighbourhood special, if not unique.

Despite strong concerns expressed during various public consultations, it has been the experience of residents that most of their concerns have either been dealt with only at the most basic or cosmetic level or just completely ignored.

The following points summarise some of the most blatantly pernicious aspects of the proposals :

  1. 201 dwellings represents a massively over-dense development of the site.

  2. Given the provision of only 100 parking spaces the circular access drive is likely to be permanently littered with cars and so appear even less discreet than the plans suggest.

  3. The potential impact on the Conservation Area is poorly considered. In particular, the impact on the surrounding listed buildings and gardens of a development so monolithic in its scale and massing has not been justified. Especially appalling in this respect is the six storey block on the northern boundary.

  4. The proposed terracing is not appropriate in this area.

  5. The loss of trees will be compounded by the inevitable damage to the root systems of many other trees by infrastructure work.

We urge rejection of this highly damaging Application which, far from leaving a worthy legacy, would irrevocably damage one of the finest sites in Bristol.

Objections may be registered at Bristol City Council quoting Reference : 22/02693/X

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