Bristol Zoo West Car Park: Update.

Jun 14, 2021

A formal planning application (ref: 21/01999/F) has now been submitted to Bristol City Council and we note, with dismay, that the many concerns voiced by CHIS and many others during the recent pre-application consultations, have been totally disregarded.

The Zoo is applying to build 65 homes, mostly flats, with only 45 parking spaces. A monolithic and overbearing five storey block of flats will open straight onto the pavement at the bottom of College Rd. The block neither reflects nor blends with local architecture. It will positively damage the settings of surrounding listed buildings.

In order to maximise the profitability of the site, the Zoo is wanting to inflict upon the Clifton Conservation Area a tall, densely massed housing estate. The development will have no outdoor community space or gardens. Fifteen existing trees, some of them important species, will be lost.

The lack of adequate parking provision is of great concern. Planners conveniently forget that even residents who cycle, use public transport or walk to work, more often than not still own a car. Developers are reluctant to provide parking facilities which are less profitable than residential units. This development could easily put an additional 70 cars out onto the already congested Clifton streets.

If this application is granted it seems likely that the Zoo will press for a similarly insensitive and over massed development on the main Zoo Gardens. These are prominent, important sites which are key to the amenity of the Conservation Area. We must prevent greedy, intense and downright ugly development from turning them into bleak housing estates.

PLEASE OBJECT NOW. It isn't difficult and your comment need not be lengthy. This is how you do it:

By email to:

By letter to: Development Management, City Hall, Bristol City Council, PO Box 3399, Bristol BS1 9NE.

Online: Search 'Bristol City Council planning' and click on 'comment on a planning application'.

You must mention the application number 21/01999/F and add your name and address.

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