Death of Democracy Demonstration.

Jun 10, 2021

A demonstration took place on June 8th to protest against the closure, without adequate consultation, of the top end of Princess Victoria Street and consequential traffic changes within the Village. Despite the event having been arranged at short notice, it was well attended by business owners and residents.

A number of CHIS committee members were present and heard a well reasoned and eloquent address by Baroness Janke who urged the Council to hold proper consultations with all parties before taking this drastic step.

Cllr O'Rourke also spoke, saying that BCC had sent a survey questionnaire to 2500 residents regarding the new traffic plans and that a majority was in favour. Business owners complained that they had not been consulted at all and some residents who had received the questionnaire alleged that the wording was unclear and biased, with insufficient opportunity to disagree.

The councillor explained that it is now planned to implement this closure for a six month trial period. Many of those attending the demonstration indicated that they found this unsatisfactory and were sceptical as to whether, once the street closure and re-routing of traffic had taken place, the Village would ever be returned to the status quo ante.

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