Kerbside bin collection


If you forget your collection day, call Bristol City Council customer services (0117 922 2100), or look online at the collection dates on the relevant section of Bristol Waste Company's website, Bins and recycling collection dates.

To report missed collections: BCC: Missed bin or recycling collection

New or replacement bins can be ordered on the above pages as well.

Treatment of different types of waste

Your guide to recycling from home is a handy guide from Bristol City Council explaining what type of waste goes into which bin, whether wheelie bins, black boxes, green boxes, food waste bins, the blue canvas bags for cardboard, or garden waste collection.

If in doubt call the Council on 0117 9223838 and arrange for a visit from the Waste Doctor. If you know of anyone who has problems with recycling, a visit by a Waste Doctor can be arranged by email: giving contact details of the person or property you want visited and why.