Posthumus Praise-Blue Plaques by Gordon Young of Bristol Civic Society

Feb 20, 2024

Gordon Young is the Chairman of the Blue Plaques Panel of Bristol Civic Society. He will give a Talk entitled “Posthumous Praise” upon Tuesday 20th February 2024. He will describe the Civic Society Blue Plaques which have been attached to notable properties in Bristol. He will explain the back-stories to the plaques, each one takes months sometimes years to arrange. Along the way there are often frustrations, revelations and procrastinations. Thankfully the end result is most pleasing to read when one is out and about in Bristol.

The talk is held in the Apostle Room of the Catholic Cathedral in Pembroke Road at 8.00 p.m.

Doors open at 7.15 when wine and soft drinks are served. This is a time when members can meet each other and the committee. The car park is available to those attending the meeting. Vehicle entry is via Worcester Road.

You are welcome to bring friends and visitors to the talks – we charge a nominal £1.00 per person.

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