Ronald Hutton on Oliver Cromwell

Nov 23, 2021

Our second talk of the year will be on Tuesday, November 23rd and is by the ever popular Ronald Hutton whose impeccable scholarship and erudition are matched only by his wit and showmanship! In recent years he has become a television personality, frequently invited to contribute to historical documentaries.

Professor Hutton will talk to us about Oliver Cromwell, the subject of his recently published book, The Making of Oliver Cromwell. One reviewer has described the book as, “A remarkable new work which untangles the fact from the fiction (in which) Hutton reveals a man who was both genuine in his faith and deliberate in his dishonesty and uncovers the inner workings of the man who has puzzled biographers for centuries.” Come along and find out whether what you learned at school about this intriguing man was, indeed, the truth!

As usual the talk will be at the Apostle Room at Clifton Cathedral, starting at 8 pm with doors open from 7.30 pm to allow time for liquid refreshment and a chat.

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