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MapWardref_novalidatedProposal & addressStatus
Clifton Down18/00880/VC2018-02-192 self sown sycamore (1 and 2) - Fell A further young, self-sown sycamore (3) - Fell
Open Space Arlington Villas Bristol
Pending consideration
Central18/00855/F2018-02-16Replacement of the existing part height windows to the ground floor with new floor to ceiling windows
101 Victoria Street Bristol
Pending consideration
Clifton18/00830/LA2018-02-16Enlargement of three windows to form larger opening.
Mortimer Villa Mortimer Road Bristol BS8 4EX
Pending consideration
Clifton18/00826/VC2018-02-16Magnolia - Fell
28 Bellevue Crescent Bristol BS8 4TE
Pending consideration
Clifton18/00819/VC2018-02-15T1- Beech- crown reduce by 1.5-2m in height, reshape by 20% and cut away from building to give 2m clearance.
8 College Road Clifton Bristol BS8 3JB
Pending consideration
Central18/00809/COND2018-02-15Application to approve details in relation to condition 3 (samples) and 18 ( Bird and bat boxes) permission 16/00519/X (refurbishment of the Fry Building comprising internal and external alterations to the building fabric, demolition of a number of external single storey structures, provision of approximately 1133 sqm ofnew floorspace contained within a lower ground floor extension, and a new integrated landscape and public realm design). (Major application).
Fry Building University Of Bristol Woodland Road Bristol BS8 1UG
Pending consideration
Central18/00804/COND2018-02-15Application to approve details in relation to condition 5 (samples) of permission 16/00533/LA Refurbishment of the Fry Building comprising intern